Volunteers Needed

Boroughs and Townships across the state rely on volunteers to run Authorities, Boards, and Commissions which help the communities grow strong and remain healthy.  The Borough of Selinsgrove is no different.  There are several areas in need of volunteers to do just that.  Please check out the list below to see where you may find a home as a volunteer for the Borough of Selinsgrove.  For more information on the Authorities, Boards, and Commissions, please call the Borough office at 570-374-2311.  We are in the office Mon. – Fri., 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.  Call, stop in for a visit, or leave us a message if after hours.  We will be happy to return your call.

Civil Service Commission:  3-member appointed commission; meet as needed, administer Civil Service Exam, set minimum qualifications, hold hearings:  2 Alternate Vacancies

North-Eastern Snyder County Joint Authority: multi-municipal appointed authority; 5-year term, 1 meeting a year (November), the authority monitors/maintains a former landfill on   Park Rd.:     0 Vacancies

Parks & Recreation Board: 9-member appointed board; 5-year term, meetings are at the call of the Chairman of Council, determine amount & type of recreation needed in the Borough, equip/operate/maintain recreation facilities:  6 Vacancies

Planning Commission: 7-member appointed commission; 4-year term, meetings are the 3rd Wednesday each month at 7 PM IF THERE IS BUSINESS TO CONDUCT, review all proposed subdivision/land development/conditional use applications and make recommendations to Council:  2 Vacancies

Shade Tree Commission: 5-member appointed board; 5-year term, exclusive custody/authority to plant, remove, maintain, and protect shade trees in Borough streets/easements/Borough property, review permit requests for such actions the Commission has custody over, follow the American National Standard for Tree Care Operations published by the National Arborist Association, Inc.:  1 Vacancy

Zoning Hearing Board: 5-member appointed board; 5-year term, meetings are the 1st Thursday each month at 7 PM IF THERE IS BUSINESS TO CONDUCT, help assure fair, equitable application and administration of the Zoning Ordinance by hearing appeals and consideration of variances:  2 Alternate Vacancies

Selinsgrove Water Authority: 5-member appointed board; 5-year term, meetings are the 2nd Thursday each month at 7 PM IF THERE IS BUSINESS TO CONDUCT, decides on issues related to the over-all water system infrastructure and to sell water to various entities located outside the legal limit of the Borough of Selinsgrove:  1 Vacancy

Eastern Snyder County Regional Authority (ESCRA): 8-member multi-municipal appointed authority, 2 representatives appointed by Selinsgrove Borough Council, 5-year compensated term, ESCRA provides wastewater treatment to Selinsgrove Borough, Shamokin Dam Borough, Monroe Township, and Penn Township:  0 Vacancies

Snyder County Solid Waste Management Authority Board (Recycling – Snyder County, Tom Gibson):  In Need of Volunteers as well –If interested, Contact scswma@snydercounty.org or 570-374-6889, ext. 115