Welcome to the Gelnett Trust

The sole purpose of the Gelnett Trust is to promote the health, education and welfare of the citizens of the Borough of Selinsgrove through distributions for nonprofit purposes. Thanks to the bequest of Francis “Rudy” Gelnett, the residents for the Borough of Selinsgrove will benefit for generations to come.

The Pennsylvania Borough Code provides certain areas to which Borough Council is authorized to make appropriations using municipal funds. All must have a public purpose.

Funding May Be Provided for:

  1. Program development, capital projects and special projects/programs.
  2. Equipment that brings new capabilities to an organization.
  3. Resources to benefit the residents of Selinsgrove Borough.

Funding May “Not” Be Provided for:

  1. Proposals for annual campaigns, general endowment funds, and organizational operating budgets.
  2. Requests from individuals for any purpose including loans, scholarships, or emergency needs.
  3. Mass mailings.
  4. Promotion of religious or political activities.
  5. Replacing fundraising efforts or Grant opportunities.


The Selinsgrove Borough reserves the right to initiate projects and to fund organizations that are of particular interest to the borough.

The Pennsylvania Borough Code prohibits donations of municipal funds to:
The Salvation Army, Boys Club, Girls Club, Scouts, Cancer/Heart etc. Associations, Schools, service clubs such as Rotary Club/Lions Club, Church, Scholarships, Loans, Private Enterprises, Memorial gifts to employees relatives, Memorial gifts to Officials relatives.

How to Apply

Visits by applicants to the Borough Office are discouraged. On occasion the Selinsgrove Borough Council may initiate a visit to an organization applying for funds. To start the process, please complete the form below or print a copy of the form here and submit the completed form  by mail.