Little Norway II: Update 2-3-2022

Little Norway II: Update 2-3-2022

Little Norway II was recently able to be open due to the ice being prepped by volunteers and with the help of volunteers to staff the Little Norway building where we have a nice fire, pass out skates to borrow, and sell some light concessions.

The rink may be open during the weekdays as well as the weekend but is all contingent on the availability of volunteers being able to watch over the building.

How can you tell if the rink is open?  There is a flag that will be flying on the Little Norway II sign just by the building.  If the flag is out, the rink is open.  If the flag is NOT out, then you can skate at your own risk with your own equipment.  The rink/building is operated by the Parks and Recreation Board and many volunteers in the community.  We extend our thanks to all of those who give of their time to help make this free entertainment possible.  Please be kind to the volunteers and remember if they say the rink is closing, please thank them for their time and leave the rink.

There may be some work done to freshen the ice up over the next couple of days with temps above freezing Tuesday through Thursday.  If the rink holds up through those few weekdays, then it should be ready to use again over the weekend (February 4th – 6th).

Be grateful for the volunteers, the access to such a cool place to go, and don’t bang on the ice with sticks and skates.  Breaking holes in the ice where you see air bubbles causes tripping hazards. Also, if the ice is not frozen in spots, please stay off of it. When it is skated on in this condition it is very difficult to repair and refreeze.

If you would like to volunteer at Little Norway II please contact Borough Manager Lauren Martz at or 570-374-2311 ext. 113.