Dog Park Expansion Project- TEMPORARILY CLOSED BEGINNING 3/15/24

The Selinsgrove Borough Dog Park will be closed beginning Friday, March 15, 2024. This closure will be temporary and will reopen once the expansion project is complete. We do not have an ETA on the completion date as it will be weather dependent.

Your patience is appreciated. We look forward to these improvements being completed for the dog park community users.

URGENT: All Properties Lead & Copper Plumbing Survey

URGENT: All Properties Lead & Copper Plumbing Survey

     We offer thanks to those who have already responded but we need 100% compliance. The PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is requiring municipal governments and residents to estimate risk of lead exposure through the water service lines. Since the Borough and residents are required to comply, non-compliance could lead to fees and termination of water service. All lines not surveyed will be deemed “lead service lines” by DEP which would be inaccurate.

     To help in the effort, Borough staff mailed out a Lead and Copper Plumbing Survey in March 2023. We had a summer helper in 2023 go door to door to assist residents in completing this 5-minute task. We continue to help in this matter. If your residence has not completed the survey by May 1st (to include the mandatory picture of the meter with the lines in and out), then the Borough may need to discontinue water service and assess the $100.00 disconnection/reconnection fee to get the task completed. If you would like to complete the survey online, please visit the Borough website at and click the link to the Lead & Copper Water Line Survey 2023. If you want help, please call the Borough Office at 570-374-2311. If you are a tenant and your landlord wishes for you to aid in the completion of this task, please give us a call.

Recycling Closed Saturday, February 17, 2024


Friday, February 16, 2024
Based on the timing of the expected snow, Selinsgrove Borough is announcing the closure of the Recycling facility for Saturday, February 17, 2024.
From early morning on, the Borough crew will be busy clearing the snow and applying treatment to the streets.
Residents are reminded that it is against the law to shovel snow onto the streets.  This causes icy conditions for vehicles.
Also, residents have 24 hours after the cessation of the snow storm to shovel their sidewalks.

Thank you for your understanding.

(Radio Announcements on local stations to be made throughout the day 2/16/24 and 2/17/24.)

Borough Manager
February 16, 2024

Request for Sealed Bids: Construction of Fencing at Selinsgrove Borough Dog Park

Selinsgrove Borough is soliciting sealed bids for construction of fencing at the Borough Dog Park until February 28, 2024 at 1:00PM at which time they will be publicly opened and read. Open the Dog Park Bid Request below for specifications and/or scope of work.

Dog Park Bid Request 2-2024



Request For Proposal: Municipal Solid Waste Disposal – Spring Cleanup 2024

Spring Cleanup 2024 RFP

Open the RFP by clicking the link above.

Quotes to be submitted to Selinsgrove Borough, 1 North High Street, P.O. Box 34, Selinsgrove, PA 17870, faxed to 570-374-8902 or emailed to on or before 4:00PM on January 31, 2024.

Error: Correction to Newsletter Sept 2023

Error: Correction to Newsletter Sept 2023

9/29/23: On page 8, under the title “From Selinsgrove Projects Inc.”, the date for the last Farmers’ Market for 2023 was wrong.  The last Saturday Selinsgrove Farmers’ Market for 2023 is December 2nd (not the 9th as listed in the mailed copy).  The online version of the newsletter has been corrected.

10/2/23: On page 8, under the title “From Selinsgrove Area Chamber of Commerce”, Selinsgrove Area Chamber of Commerce has changed Late Night Selinsgrove from December 5 to December 12, but the time will still be 6:00-10:00PM.  The online version of the newsletter has been corrected.

10/17/23: On page 1, under “Staying Connected” in the top right corner, The Borough Office & Public Works Department will be closed on November 10 for Veteran’s Day (not Election Day).  Election Day, we are open and is on Tuesday, November 7th.

MANDATORY MEETING: Applicants of the 2024 Gelnett Trust Grant Round

If you’re a part of an organization that receives Gelnett Funding from the Borough of Selinsgrove or would like to learn how to receive Gelnett funding you must attend the Borough’s mandatory Gelnett meeting on September 20, 2023 at 3:00pm in Council Chambers. You may be eligible for Gelnett funding if your organization is located in the Borough of Selinsgrove, a 501( c ) 3,  or governmental entity serving the Selinsgrove community. Please contact the Borough at for more information to find out about eligibility.

For more information about the benefactor of the Gelnett Trust:

Rudy Gelnett: The Patron of Selinsgrove · Two Red Bicycles · Two Red Bicycles (

Bid Request: Borough Maintenance Shed Roof Replacement

Selinsgrove Borough is soliciting sealed bids for roof repairs until August 28, 2023 at 1:00PM at which time they will be publicly opened and read.  Please click the packet link below for description of needed repairs and bid form.

Shed Roof Bid Package-July 2023

Applications for Events OR Temporary Street Closure

If you are having an event in the Borough which requires road closures or restricted use to Borough roadways, then you need to complete the application for temporary street closure.  This application needs to be submitted to the Borough Office as soon as possible, but no less than 90 days prior to your event. (Approval or denial of any application is done at Borough Council meetings which are the first Monday of every month with exception of holidays.)

If you are having an event which does not require a street closure, then you need to complete the Application for Events with Non Street Closure.  This application needs to be submitted to the Borough Office as soon as possible, but no less than 90 days prior to your event. (Approval or denial of any application is done at Borough Council meetings which are the first Monday of every month with exception of holidays.)

Prior to submitting the road closure request to the Borough, the applicant must coordinate with the Selinsgrove Police Department, Selinsgrove Fire Department, Selinsgrove Fire Police, and Selinsgrove Borough Public Works Department before the request will be granted by the Borough Council.  The application must be completed in its entirety prior to submitting to the Borough Office.

Additionally, the event requiring the road closure must be insured and list the Borough of Selinsgrove as an additional insured. The Certificate of Insurance must accompany your completed application.  Please be aware there may be additional costs to consider when having an event that closes the roadway such as traffic control, trash removal, signage, etc. These costs may be billed to the applicant if the Borough incurs expenses due to the event needing the closure unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

If your event in any way includes a PennDOT roadway, then you will need to also complete the required PennDOT Special Event Permit TE-300 .  It may be beneficial to set up a meeting with the Borough Manager to assist with this paperwork once you’ve received Borough approval. This permit approval from PennDOT can take up to 90 days so be sure to get  both closure applications into the Borough at least 90 days in advance. These types of events will need approval from PennDOT and the Borough so you will also need to follow the Borough road closure process as described above. PennDOT will also require proof that PennDOT is included as an additional insured as well.

If you have questions, please contact the Borough Office.

DEP Issued Drought Watch for Snyder County

Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2023 8:27 AM
Subject: Drought Watch Declared


Dear Public Water Supplier:

We are writing to inform you that DEP Acting Secretary Rich Negrin, on behalf of Governor Josh Shapiro, announced drought declarations on June 15, 2023. All 67 counties are in Drought Watch.

The declarations are in response to low stream flows, declining groundwater levels, and, persistent precipitation deficits.

We encourage you to use our website for Drought Information. We post drought updates on this website regularly to keep you informed of emerging conditions. The website also either provides links to information that is useful for monitoring conditions in your area or educating your customers on various methods of conserving water.

Remember, in a drought watch, we should all be seeking to reduce water use by about 5 percent through voluntary conservation measures.

Under a gubernatorial emergency proclamation, public water suppliers providing service to 50 or more customer connections with sources or a service area within a designated drought emergency area are required to develop, adopt, and submit a DCP to the Water Use and Planning Section for approval. In addition, should bans on nonessential water use become mandatory, water rationing may be approved, if necessary, by the Commonwealth Drought Coordinator, as an agent of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council.  Prudent use of our resources now can help to prevent, or at least delay, the need for emergency measures later.

Susan K. Weaver, P.E.
Commonwealth Drought Coordinator